Weekly Commitments 

Adding your Weekly Commitments
Adding your Weekly Commitments
A feature whereby individuals can capture up to five (Important/Not Urgent) Commitments for the week.

Progress on these can be recorded during the course of the week and at the end of the week new commitments are captured for the next week.

Everyone on the team can view a rolling three weeks of everyone’s commitments. This raises the level of commitment as colleagues can now hold you accountable. Team members can click on the ‘like’ 👍 icon adjacent to the commitments and progress comment which adds to the sense of accountability!
Team Weekly Commitments
Team Weekly Commitments
A brief weekly team meeting to discuss progress on the commitments can further enhance the impact of this simple process.

Previous weeks are archived so one can look back to view progress over time.

The feature seems overly simple but don’t underestimate the impact of everyone on the team actually doing the 3 to 5 most important items that they committed to doing each week!

Key Functions
  • Individuals capture 3 to 5 Important commitments for the week
  • Everyone’s commitments are visible to everyone else (This is the key!)
  • Others can 👍 ‘like’ my commitments and vice versa
  • I can update my progress on my commitments during the course of the week
  • A single view of last week, this week & next week is available – previous weeks are archived
  • A 10-minute team meeting on the commitments at the start or end of each week leverages the impact
  • Mobile App-enabled

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