Participation Points Lucky Draw 

Given that good epic usage translates into increased productivity and improved results, it is important to recognise, reward and incentivise this. Participation Points can be used as the basis for an innovative and fun Lucky Draw company sweepstake.
Recognition through Participation Points
A Recognition & Reward lucky draw competition can be set up for epic users based on Participation Points earned over a specific period. This serves as a great motivation for staff to make good use of epic, ensuring that they login on a regular basis, update progress and set weekly commitments aligned to the strategy.
The Lucky Draw
The administrator sets up the competition with start and end dates as well as the list of prizes on offer.

Participation Points can be reset to zero at the start of the competition. Points translate into tickets to the Lucky draw (5 Points per ticket). This means that everyone has a chance of winning a prize although obviously the more tickets you have the greater the chance of winning.

Epic has an inbuilt 'spin the wheel' feature to randomly selects winners, based on the number of tickets. This ensures a fair & transparent process.

Names of winners with their photo and the prize won is displayed on the big screen for all to see - this adds to the sense of occasion and excitement and motivates staff to ensure that they have as many points as possible next time.

Key Functions
  • A Competition period is set up with start and end dates.
  • A list of the prizes is displayed for all to see.
  • A dashboard of Participation Points is available to all staff who can access a history of their own points allocation, week by week.
  • Participation Points translate into 'tickets' into the draw (5 points per ticket).
  • The unique epic 'Draw' feature 'spins the wheel'. Winners names are displayed on the leader board for all to see.

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