Staff Survey 

The staff survey can be customised to company, department, team or even individual needs. This feature can be used to invite feedback from staff prior to a one-on-one check in session with his/her manager.

The survey Administrator sets up and designs survey questions for Staff and for the Manager and allocates the relevant staff to the survey.

Once activated, recipients will automatically receive an email with a link which takes them directly to the survey page. This can be completed immediately or started & saved for completion later.

Once the staff survey has been completed, Managers can make comments per question before completing a Manager section of the survey. The report is then available to the Manager who can then download or print it to be used at a One-on-One session with the staff member.

Managers have access to a history of all their staff surveys.

Key Functions
  • Customise a set of survey questions for Staff and Manager sections
  • Staff completes survey first
  • Manager can comment (per question) and then complete Manager section
  • Manager can access final report for one-on-one discussion purposes
  • A record of all completed staff surveys is available for Managers to view

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