Rate My Service (RMS) 

Link in email signature to RMS Survey form
Link in email signature to RMS Survey form
The Rate My Service feature provides opportunity for Customer Service related feedback on an ongoing basis.

A link, embedded in the email footer, will allow all recipients to provide immediate feedback through responses to a customized questionnaire.

This real-time feedback is captured on an ongoing basis in a live report that is available to the individual and his/her manager.

Your epic Administrator sets up a Campaign with a start and end date, and designs the RMS questionnaire. Separate business units can have their own questions.

An affiliation requirement can help separate internal vs external customer feedback in the report.

Alert boundaries (Lower and Upper), if set, alerts the manager in the case of very low or high ratings. A photograph, with Job Title etc. can be part of the questionnaire header.

Customers who use the RMS service receive an automatic Thank-You which can be customized …eg.

‘Thank you for your valuable feedback – it assists us in our effort to continuously improve our service to you’

Once configured, individuals simply log into epic and copy/paste the signature template with the link into their email signature (Outlook or Gmail). Note: the link is unique to each individual.
Personal RMS Dashboard
Personal RMS Dashboard
An RMS report with all ratings is available to individuals and managers.

A dashboard on the epic Home Screen reflects the average of the 10 most recent ratings and is a shortcut to the full report.
Advantages of using the Epic RMS feature:
  1. Use of RMS sends a strong message that we are serious about Customer Service
  2. Customers (Internal & External) have the option to rate service at any stage – ie they do not have to wait for a Formal Survey
  3. The feature provides an internal platform whereby customers who are unhappy about something can provide feedback directly without having to resort to Social Media. This means that any complaints can be resolved quickly and efficiently
  4. Managers are alerted immediately when a very high or very low rating is given. This means they can respond in real time if the customer has left contact details
  5. It is motivating for staff when they receive positive feedback from customers about their levels of service
  6. Staff tend to act more professionally in their email correspondence when they know that there is an option to rate their service
  7. It is not intended that the RMS results be used for any form of Performance Appraisal as in many cases low scores are not necessarily the fault of the employee – factors outside their influence such as systems issues may contribute to a low rating

An additional advantage of this feature is the opportunity to standardise email signatures, company-wide, irrespective of whether the RMS feature with the signature link is used.
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