Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

View CRM Data screen
View CRM Data screen
epic CRM allows you can keep records of all your client/customer/suppliers relationships, including a record of interactions. The centralized database provides easy access to all epic users in your company or department.

A bulk upload option is available should you need to add in a large number of entries initially. Thereafter new contacts can be added, either as a standalone entry or into an existing pre-defined company.

Interaction frequencies can be set up and allocated to customers based on specific requirements. A simple Red-Amber-Green dashboard is available to indicate the interaction status based on the allocations. The ability to set reminders, flag issues, and attach documents enhances the value of this feature.

Physical address entries will auto-generate a Google Map which helps with navigation for customer visits.

When emailing a customer directly from Epic CRM a copy of the mail will automatically reflect as an interaction. CRM Groups can be created which allows you to send a single email to multiple customers.

Managers can view staff activity per customer for any period, and can also download a weekly report that includes all notes for the week. This saves considerable admin time in terms of sales reps having to write up weekly reports.

Managers who choose to subscribe to interactions will receive email notifications of the relevant interactions.

epic CRM can also be used to create professional-looking brochures or conference invitations with useful information about the other delegates/attendees. These can be printed as handouts or sent out with the invitations. It can be very valuable for your customers to know a little about the other delegates prior to the function or to have contact information as a hand-out at the end of the meeting.

epic CRM is mobile-App enabled which means that updates can be added & accessed while on the road.

Key Functions
  • Allows staff to develop and maintain a comprehensive database of key relationships (Customer; Supplier; Other Stakeholders)
  • Track all Interactions with customers & suppliers
  • Emailing (Individual and Group) – directly from the email address in CRM
  • BCC Email - stores email sent to contacts as an interaction
  • Set Reminders for follow-up and other repeating events
  • Attach documents (e.g. contracts and reports) to Customer records
  • Issue tracker - manager can view all outstanding Customer issues
  • Groups can be created for email correspondence (automatically recorded on each customer's interaction stream)
  • Staff can quickly add Weekly Reports for each customer
  • Search functionality provides simple and effective retrieval of key information
  • Each Customer can be allocated to a pre-defined interaction frequency requirement which will alert and track interactions with that customer
  • Brochure creation tool to send as an invitation to Conference or Meeting attendees
  • Mobile-App enabled

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