Murtaza VersiMurtaza VersiFounder & CEO NSI, Tanzania
We have used epic for 8 years and has been a great one-stop tool to bring in alignment of what we plan but even more importantly is the execution part. To add the icing to the cake, upgrades have always been done to make the tool relevant year after year at no additional cost. Great system, Great Support and Great outcomes!!!
Wimpie MoutonWimpie MoutonHead Life Broker Services PPS
Epic has changed our business!
Roy RossRoy RossExecutive Director, Business solutionsN4Mative
Superb process - tried and tested!
Craig LotzeCraig LotzeChief Executive, BSI Steel African Operations and Exports
Once the KPI’s are mutually agreed upon between the leader and staff member, Epic becomes an unarguable method of measuring and improving performance. Our KPI’s are set with the end in mind and in so doing, they have driven the correct behaviour and outcomes on a monthly basis for our business. Our results have improved month on month.
Antonio RibeiroAntonio RibeiroHead, Business Development & Planning
I am a practical person and therefore appreciate Epic’s strategic process that is simple, easy to align, brings together all the teams and best of all, allows us to monitor and track the agreed upon goals. After the implementation in Access Bank Botswana’s Retail Department, we have seen a significant month on month increase across all the identified metrics in a very short period. The greatness of this approach is that it is adaptable across all segments and will be key to exceeding our next 5 year goals.
Craig CorteCraig CorteCIO Tangerine
The work you did for us at Kagiso was powerful and transformative.
Izak SadlerIzak SadlerRegional Manager PPS
Epic has totally changed the way we work, with a constant reminder what our business is about regarding the use of the CRM system, daily activities, objectives and weekly commitments. The business if focused on individual KPA’s and if used well, we have seen business increasing. The use of the epic system has directly influenced our figures positively and just confirms the magnitude of the success in the system when used correctly.
Linda HillLinda HillProject Coordinator and Fundraiser for Singakwenza Early Childhood Education
We love the CRM function – it is effective and secure. The EpicIT team are always helpful, supportive, and open to suggestions to make processes more efficient.
Brand PretoriusBrand PretoriusRetired Chief Executive of McCarthy Limited
Words are insufficient to express our appreciation for the outstanding manner in which you facilitated our annual Rally to Read strategy session. Your methodology provided an excellent framework and your passion and enthusiasm inspired us to optimise our contribution. As a result we now have an updated strategy, detailed critical success factors, clear objectives and challenging KPI’s.
John HydeJohn HydeSenior Manager Life Broker Support Services PPS
In my 39 years in the Assurance business, I have been exposed to a lot of different systems – nothing beats this! And their service is world class too!
Johan KrysJohan KrysRegional Manager, PPS Life Broker Services
Since we started using epic for planning, client interactions KRA self-assessments and CRM our regions production and sales success has improved dramatically and this can be seen from the specific Life Specialists that qualify for the LBS overseas trips.
Mrs Buhle MyezaMrs Buhle MyezaOperations Director
Epic has worked tremendously in the transformation our business operations - ensuring accountability, synergy and connection between Management and Staff. Smart and more effective results in our strategic outputs – at the palm of the hand / in the cloud. As a business that strives for excellence and growth through the principles of corporate governance – EPIC is able to synergize our company vision into action!! Our staff are motivated through various customised features developed to meet our unique needs that seek to simplify and digitize our project delivery strategies through our established ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System! We have transformed our business operational systems and will no doubt reach our maximum potential – through Epic!!
Craig BondCraig BondIndustry Leader
I've done lot's of team building exercises over the years which are great for morale and definitely improve the working dynamics of teams, but Johnny Black's process takes it a step further and aligns teams behind the delivery of results, a great and highly effective process which not only helps build effective teams BUT ensures that they're properly aligned behind business objectives and consistently deliver great results!
Rex TomlinsonRex TomlinsonStrategic Change Management, UK
I am a strong proponent that strategy has very little value if it remains “in a deck”, as it so often does, and that it is the quality of decision making and speed of execution that builds a sustainable competitive advantage for your business. epicIT’s process is in this zone and is an ideal fit for me. The process ensures that your teams collectively engage in understanding the strategy, what is required for delivery then developing and committing to simple metrics to track progress. Its elegant simplicity in aligning teams to delivering results is a real winner.
Antonio CoutinhoAntonio CoutinhoRegional Chief Executive, Standard Bank Group
Often strategy sessions take days to formulate with a long list of confusing detail. Teams that have to execute on the ground are left with a cumbersome large document that is unclear with regards priorities, accountability and deadlines. In today’s fast paced digital society there is no time to read encyclopedia strategy documents. The Epic IT process helps to focus the teams on the wildly important goals collectively and through consensus ownership is achieved. All on one page and in digital format accessible to all in the team. The process, though simple, brings clarity… that in my case resulted in year after year of shareholder growth way above market!

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