Strategy on a Page

Capturing your Company’s Strategic Plan in epic, using our classic One Page ‘epic Model’, is something that your epic Administrator(s) can do.

The five 5 key elements of the model are:
  1. Vision (Alternative naming conventions are: Mission; Vision & Mission; Overarching Objective)
  2. Values (Alternative naming conventions are: Mission; Purpose; Behaviours; Principles; Charter; DNA)
  3. Critical Success Factors (Alternative naming conventions are: Key Focus Areas; Strategic Pillars; Key Business Drivers)
  4. Strategic Objectives (Alternative naming conventions are: Goals; Key Responsibility Areas; Strategy)
  5. Key Performance Indicators (Alternative naming conventions are: Measures of Success; Key Results)
Most Strategic Plans can be distilled down into these 5 essential elements and there is invariably considerable benefit in doing this (Focus, Clarity & Simplicity).

Should an existing strategy need to be re-visited, as part of an annual strategic review, or if there is no business plan in place, the epic Model is an excellent tool to use as it provides a logical structure and template.

Business Units can benefit from having their own One Pager – this can be aligned to the Company strategy.  For example, Vision & Values might remain the same, but the rest of the document reflects the Objectives and KPI’s of the relevant Business Unit.

The epic Model/s can be downloaded at the click of a button, and of course, updated as and when required.
Key Functions

  • Agree & capture Vision; Values; Critical Success Factors; Strategic Objectives with KPIs
  • Download ‘Strategy on a Page’ at the click of a button (epic ModelTM)
  • Update as and when required
  • Build Department One Pagers aligned with Company Strategy
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