Project Tracking Report
Project Tracking Report
The administrator adds Projects and allocates a Project Owner, Sponsor, and Manager.

Once a project has been added, individuals can link Objectives to the Project and these will automatically pull through (with any associated actions) into the Project Report. There is no need for individuals to re-capture Objectives and Actions as progress updates automatically reflect in the project report.

The Project Manager is responsible for updating the overall Project Status:
  • Percentage Progress
  • Project Statement
  • Red-Amber-Green (RAG).
Viewing rights:
The Project Sponsor, Project Owner, and Project Manager can view the Project by default. Additional viewing rights can be allocated to All Contributors, All Managers, Selected Users, or Everyone.
Projects Dashboard:
Administrators have a dashboard view of projects. This is a great resource for project team meetings.
“Expand/ Collapse All” or click separately to drill down per Project to see progress on Objectives and Actions
Once a Divisional Administrator has initially added the list of Non-billable items, all staff are able to complete a timesheet. When Staff are attached to allocated against Projects, these will be automatically be included in their Timesheets.

Key Functions
  • Allocation of Project Owner, Sponsor and Manager.
  • Staff can link their Individual Objectives to the relevant project or projects
  • Progress reports provide information specific to each project.
  • Project Owners, Sponsors & Managers can see at a glance the status of all objectives & actions linked to a specific project.
  • Project Managers can update the project status accordingly
  • Timesheets can be linked to Projects for allocation of Billable hours
  • Mobile-App enabled

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