360° Review 

360° Raters
360° Raters
A 360° review is a structured, comprehensive feedback process usually conducted for a senior leadership team.

Standard 360°

Peers, direct reports & internal customers can be included as (anonymous) raters. Manager and Self are automatically added as raters, although the self-ratings are for comparison only and are not included in the scoring.

An administrator configures the 360° with start & end dates, the list of leaders to be evaluated and the questions that will make up the 360° questionnaire. Leaders then select their proposed raters from a drop down list of peers & direct reports which is then forwarded to his/her manager for approval. Alternatively, raters can be set up as part of the configuration, based on a pre-approved list.

Once approved, the raters each receive an email request with a link to the questions. Once the process is complete the manager is notified and can ‘vet’ the report before meeting with the individual to discuss the results. Alternatively a facilitated team feedback session can be arranged to de-brief the process based on the dominant themes, strengths and weaknesses highlighted in the feedback.

The report itself is divided up into the following categories:
  • Peers (Anonymous)
  • Direct reports (Anonymous)
  • Manager
  • Self

A combined aggregated report is also available for comparison purposes.

The entire process is automated which makes the set up and management of the 360° process simple.
Enhanced 360° Unique to epic is a 360° feature that has been developed exclusively for our clients who wish to perform a company-wide 360° that randomly selects raters from lists of potential raters. In effect, this makes the process totally anonymous and can be used to eg assess behavior aligned to company values or charter.

Potential raters are allocated to categories (Peer; Direct Report; Internal customer) each of which has a weighting. epic then uses an algorithm to randomly select 3 raters from each of the categories + Manager. The results are therefore totally ‘blind’ which reduces the risk of undue influence.

Key Functions
  • A powerful individual & team development tool that can be customised to specific appraisal needs
  • The tool is simple to administer, input is anonymous and a comprehensive report (including suggestions for development) is generated
  • The Report separates Peer vs Direct Report feedback (Feedback from Manager & Self is also separated)
  • A generic set of typical 360° appraisal questions is available although these can be edited and/or replaced depending on the specific needs

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