Onboarding & Offboarding 

Onboarding Manager
Onboarding Manager
This feature is used to assist in integrating a new employee into an organisation to ensure a smooth and efficient onboarding & offboarding process.

The Epic Administrator creates onboarding / offboarding groups with deadline driven checklists that can be assigned to new appointments.

Manager and new employee receive email reminders on the appropriate dates. There is a clickable link in the email so that items can be checked off as they are done. Completed items reflect on the onboarding / Offboarding list for ease of reference.

Progress reports are available for viewing the onboarding / offboarding status of all new staff per group, as well as a detailed report per staff member.

Onboarding / Offboarding is mobile-App enabled

Key Functions
  • Customised onboarding/ offboarding group templates with a sequence/list of events needed for new employees and employees leaving
  • Checklists with description, activity date, responsibility & completion date
  • Email notifications of onboarding / offboarding items due
  • Scheduled once-off emails enabled
  • Progress reports
  • Mobile-App enabled

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