There are a number of Dashboard options available in epic
Flex Dashboard:
Flex Dashboard Example
Flex Dashboard Example
Administrators can configure simple dashboards and post these on the Home Page for users to view. Restricted view is configurable.

It is best to keep the dashboard simple with no more than 5 or 6 key metrics. Metrics can be manually updated in Epic as often as necessary and the changes automatically pull through onto the Home Page.
External Dashboard:
External Dashboard Example
External Dashboard Example
(Used in conjunction with OneDrive)

A spreadsheet that you are using for your Dashboard is copied into OneDrive. Select what to show (either a range of cells or charts). Once the URL link is embedded into epic any updates you make to your spreadsheet will automatically reflect on the epic dashboard/s.

Select whether you would like the Dashboard/s to reflect on the Home Screen or not. You can also restrict viewing to authorised users only.
Executive Dashboard:
This feature is used to collate data coming from anywhere in the organisation into a consolidated dashboard that provides the ‘big picture’ for authorised users to view

Executive DashboardAn administrator configures the dashboard with the following:
  • Categories (eg Finance)
  • Intervals (eg Daily)
  • KPIs (Name, Target, Weighting, Capture Frequency, Aggregation type)
  • Gauges (configured for a range of colours and intervals)

Users are then given authority to either capture data or view the dashboard (or both) for each KPI.

Actual Performance (with the date) is captured which automatically feeds through into the Executive Dashboard. The resultant dashboard gauges can be viewed by period. To view the underlying data simply click on the gauges.

Key Functions
  • A range of Dashboard options available:
    • Simple: Basic template configuration and manual capture
    • External: Embedded graphs from spreadsheets using OneDrive
    • Executive: Data collated from various data points
  • Configure Categories, Intervals & KPI’s
  • Assign Authorization (for capture & for viewing)
  • Configure Gauges (Intervals, Color etc.)
  • Gauge drill down to view underlying data

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