Strategy KPI Tracker 

This feature allows staff to capture monthly performance on strategic KPI's. The monthly and year-to-date progress reflects on a Strategic KPI Dashboard.
Dashboard reflecting results based on staff input
Dashboard reflecting results based on staff input
The person who has this role sets up various parameters related to monthly and annual targets with RAG (Red/Amber/Green) score definitions within a Strategic Timeframe.

Staff are allocated Strategic Objectives with KPI's and are required to capture monthly results which reflect on the dashboard. Reports on all staff results can be downloaded.

Key Functions
  • KPI timeframe periods are set up (eg Financial Year).
  • Targets are set up per KPI with RAG (Red/Amber/Green) score definitions
  • Strategic Objectives with KPI's are allocated to staff
  • Staff capture results monthly
  • Administrator extracts company strategic dashboard incorporating all monthly and year-to-date staff results

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