Strategy Dashboard 

Using the Strategy Dashboard as an Agenda
Using the Strategy Dashboard as an Agenda
Updating Allocated Strategic Objectives from the Strategy Dashboard

1. Comments can be captured on the dashboard and sent to owners (individual or all)
2. Owners can view the comments in their “Objectives and Actions”.
3. Changes can be made to the Strategic Objectives (including changes in ownership) directly from the dashboard.

All changes will reflect on the Strategy One-pager, and in epic Objectives and Actions

Key Functions
  • The Strategy Dashboard is a live report reflecting all progress captured by Strategic Objective Owners
  • This report can be used effectively as the Agenda at a monthly strategic review session.
  • The structure of the report mirrors the structure of the One Pager
  • Discussion comments can be captured and sent to Owners
  • Objectives can be edited from the dashboard & this automatically updates the Epic Model (One Pager)

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