Manage Objectives


Strategic Objectives Report
Deadline driven Objectives (with or without corresponding actions) can be captured by individuals and progress can be recorded & updated as and when required.

Documents can be attached to Objectives and Actions as part of a Portfolio of Evidence. Managers can also delegate objectives to direct reports.

Reminders of upcoming deadlines are automatically generated by epic and a quick link on the reminder email takes you directly to that item.

Reports are available for individuals as well as their manager/s. Objectives that are flagged as Strategic will reflect on a consolidated Team report, together with all associated actions and recorded progress.

This report can be used as the agenda at meetings that are aimed at tracking strategic implementation and progress.

All of the above is mobile-App enabled which makes for ease of use when away from the office.

Key Functions

  • Individuals capture Objectives (with deadlines) & Actions for each Objective
  • Progress & RAG status can be updated at any time
  • Email reminders of approaching deadlines
  • Managers can delegate Objectives
  • Managers have a dashboard view of staff progress
  • Live reports available (Individual and Team)
  • Mobile App enabled
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