Chat Room 

Chat Room on Mobile
Chat Room on Mobile
This feature allows you to Add Chat Rooms & is especially useful for individuals and teams who are working remotely e.g. from Home

Adding a Chat Room:

Anyone can add a Chat Room: Provide a name, date and time as well as an agenda (optional). Add attendees who will receive an email invitation with the relevant information.

At the appointed time simply join the chat room and start typing (chatting).

During the Chat:

An indicator lets you know who is typing. Simply click on a person’s name to auto create ‘@name’ for direct replies or questions. Documents can be added (and viewed during the chat). You can add To-Do Items at any time during the chat and these will reflect in your epic To-Do List.

A full transcript of the chat is available in pdf so there is no need to take minutes.

epic Chat Rooms are also mobile-App enabled which adds to its appeal as a simple alternative to some of the data heavy solutions using video and audio mediums.

Key Functions
  • Add chat room, date & time, agenda & invite attendees
  • List of attendees with an indicator of person/s currently typing
  • @name to respond directly to someone
  • Add documents
  • Use Emojis
  • Add To-Do Items (automatically reflects in epic)
  • Instant Polls
  • A full transcript available in pdf so no need to take minutes.
  • Mobile App enabled

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