Tender Management 

Tender Stats
Tender Stats
This feature helps you keep track of Tenders submitted.

The epic Administrator (or a person assigned to Tender Management) can add tenders into Epic with all the relevant information pertaining to each tender.

A tender manager can be assigned who has the authority to update the tender status, add estimated vs actual values and add comments. Staff can be added to tenders which allows them to view progress, add in their comments and attach documents.
  1. An individual report is available for each tender.
  2. Tender Statistics (by date range and/or department) are available in the form of a Pie Chart

Tender Management is mobile-App enabled

Key Functions
  • Assigning a Tender Manager
  • Assigning staff to tenders who have line-of-sight and can contribute
  • Assigning tasks to staff
  • Automatic reminders of upcoming deadlines
  • The ability to add Documentation
  • Live reports
  • Tender Stats Pie Graph that provides a full overview of Tender status by specified dates
  • Archiving
  • Mobile App-enabled

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