Tender Management 

ABC Suites (Pty) Ltd
Many businesses are realising the value of a tender management solution – HSO Blog
The Challenge:
At Jack Pott's previous company tenders were very much a hit & miss affair with the ‘process’ being managed on a spreadsheet.

The net result was a low conversion rate due to missed deadlines and a lack of clarity as to who was responsible for what.
How ABC Suites uses epic:
Jack (Tender Manager) has started using the epic Tender Management process and almost immediately saw the conversion rate start moving in the right direction.

He puts this down to having a live, online ‘process’ where those involved in the tender are ‘in the loop’ and can contribute by recording their comments and notes (many of them in the field utilising the epic mobile App to do this).

The automatic reminders of upcoming critical deadlines means that there is a sense of ‘being in control’ no matter how many tenders are on the radar. A real winner is the live report displaying the tender statistics for any period required.
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