Leave Management 

Manager's view of Staff Leave on the Mobile App
Manager's view of Staff Leave on the Mobile App
This feature provides a simple way of managing staff leave online with a central record of all leave balances as well as past and future leave applications of all staff.

Leave settings need to first be configured based on Company Policy.
  • Working days
  • Leave types
  • Annual leave allowance
  • Maximum accumulated leave allowance
  • Negative leave allowances

(An override option is available for staff members with exceptions to the above settings).Take on balances then need to be captured for each staff member.
Applying for Leave:
Staff members can apply for leave online by completing the template that includes type of leave, dates, total days, Reliever (if required), reason for leave and any documentation to attach.

The Manager will receive an email to approve (or decline) leave. When approved, the reliever also receives an email notification. Additional personnel (eg HR) can be configured to receive notifications of all approved leave.
A Leave Request notification on the Mobile App
A Leave Request notification on the Mobile App
Managers can view all staff leave and before approving a leave request, can compare leave to those applied by other staff members. Individuals can view a record & calendar view of 3 years leave.

Administrator/s have an overview of all staff who are on leave. This information also reflects in the ‘Where am I’ feature on the Epic Home Page

The leave application and approval process is mobile-App enabled.

Key Functions
  • Configure Leave based on company policy
  • Apply for leave (Individual)
  • Approve (decline) leave (Line Manager)
  • View leave balances
  • View full leave Calendar (for team comparison)
  • Live reports for HR and Managers
  • Mobile App-enabled

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