Fleet Management


Fleet Allocation/Dashboard
This feature provides a simple online & paperless way to manage fleet vehicle authorisations and allocations.

Configuration is first set up by the Divisional Administrator / Authorised user to:
  • Add the Vehicles information– Registration, Vin, Make, Model, year. 
  • Configure who will be copied in approvals and fleet allocations
  • Adding relevant policy/terms and condition documents for driver as required

Staff apply online for Travel (with an option to read and agree Terms/Policy agreement).

Manager receives request and once approved, the Fleet Manager (and anyone configured to receive approvals) will receive the approved application.

The Fleet Manager has access to a dashboard of available  vehicles & allocates accordingly. The user receives  confirmation with details (eg starting odometer reading and pre-inspection confirmation).

The Fleet Manager has access to all relevant reports online, including availability of vehicles as well as a history of service & log reports per vehicle.

Key Functions
  • Online Request / Approval (or rejection) for all Fleet Vehicle use
  • Online signing for Terms and Conditions for any policies (and pop up policy customization)
  • Online reporting for whose “out” with a particular vehicle at a certain time.
  • Fleet management avoids duplication of vehicle allocation
  • Keeps records of driver experience, and any repair and maintenance history.
  • Automatically disables allocation of a vehicle when in use / in for repairs.
  • Mobile-App enabled
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