Fleet Management 

ABC Suites (Pty) Ltd
Fleet managers oversee a cost center — fleet vehicles are a (necessary) cost — and therefore often a target for savings-hungry executives. What is the best way to satisfy that hunger? Show them savings.
The Challenge:
Adam Sapple is the Fleet Control Manager. In his past company, much time and paper were wasted with the processes that needed to take place:

Staff needed to get authorization for travel & be allocated a specific vehicle; Terms and conditions needed to be acknowledged and signed per request against the vehicles policy and on top of it, a full report had to be put together for all users, and vehicles.

Adam himself spends time away from the office but still needs to keep up to date with the regular travel requests and Fleet management.
How ABC Suites uses epic:
Adam now simply approves (or declines) epic travel requests that comes through on his mobile. Once approved, this goes through to the Fleet Manager, Minnie, to allocate vehicles available. He then receives a weekly and monthly report showing the use of the vehicles and mileage. No paper trails and all online.

When staff members are allocated vehicles for travel they receive notification and can acknowledge the Terms and Conditions & view ABC Suites’ Vehicle Policy document online, before taking the vehicle. In fact all of this can be done online from the start.

Minnie who is the Fleet Manager gets a copy of all the approved fleet travel, and can then allocate a vehicle for each trip, record mileage (started and ended), and receive a full report per vehicle to hand over to Adam at the end of every month (which also shows all vehicles in for repair).

She has an overview of which vehicles are out, who is using them, and when they will be returned.
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