Travel Authorisation


Manager Approval on Mobile App
This feature offers a paperless method of managing travel-related authorisations, including conferences, accommodation, air travel, car hire, bus or train trips, own vehicle claims as well as meals and miscellaneous claims

Individuals can provide additional detail with the request with estimated costs, indicate a cost centre, and, if required, attach documentation.

Manager receives an email notification and can immediately approve (or decline) the request – or request more information

A full history of travel approvals is available to view by the manager and staff member.

Travel authorisation is Mobile App enabled which adds to the efficiency & ease of use
Key Functions
  • Online Request / Approval (or rejection) for all travel
  • Requisition available for
    • Conferences
    • Accommodation
    • Travel
    • Meals
    • Misc.
  • Own vehicle travel clIm
  • Mobile-App enabled
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