Travel Authorisation 

ABC Suites (Pty) Ltd
The Challenge:
Chris Cross (Finance) found the travel authorisation process (including conference accommodation requests, meal claims, car hire, own vehicle claims etc) a time consuming, manual process with considerable paper work involved. As a result there were inevitable time delays and general frustration.

Specific challenges included the following:
  • A request & approval process that uses spreadsheets and emails is difficult to manage with scale and is not transparent.
  • There’s every chance that key information doesn’t reach the relevant person.
  • There is no control over travel costs, budget approvals and limits required
  • Poor management of business travel increased spend and often created last-minute chaos.
  • Difficulty in enforcing travel policies
  • A lack of spend visibility, and it takes a lot of time to get things done 
How ABC Suites uses epic
Chris has started using the epic travel authorisation which is aligned to the company goal of automating as many processes as possible at ABC Suites.

Staff can now simply apply for authorisation online (including Conference, Accommodation, Air travel, Car hire, Bus or Train trip, Own vehicle claim, Meals & Miscellaneous claims). Comments & any documentation required can be attached to the request.

Managers receive requests immediately and can approve (or decline) online. A full history is available.

This process is also mobile-App enabled which adds to the ease of use.
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