Rating on Mobile App
Rating on Mobile App
Individuals are able to regularly self-rate their performance on each activity. This can take the form of a simple Red-Amber-Green rating - with an option to include a metric (if appropriate). Alternatively a rating scale can be used. Documents can be linked to Activities as part of a Portfolio of Evidence.

The full list of activities (including latest ratings) is displayed on the Home Screen with a link to the rating screen. Managers have a dashboard of all their staff where they can view the ratings.

The rating history is available with date and time stamps. Managers can then discuss progress, based on the ratings and evidence, as part of the ongoing performance review process.

All of the above is mobile-App enabled

Key Functions
  • Activity Profiles allocated to staff
  • Self-rating options (Red-Amber-Green or rating scale)
  • Rating date & time stamp recorded (including rating history)
  • Add documentation as Portfolio of Evidence
  • Progress report available to staff member and manager
  • Mobile-App enabled

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