Asset Register 

Asset Register
Asset Register
This feature helps you manage Assets effectively.

Asset ‘Categories’ can be set up and assets are then captured in the relevant category. Examples of categories are Land & Buildings, Furniture & Fittings, Computer Equipment, Factory Machinery, Printers & Photocopiers etc.

Assets can then be captured with a Description, Model, Serial Number, Category, Purchase Date, Supplier, Invoice Number, Purchase Price, Warranty Date, Location (e.g. Factory; Office; Motor Vehicle). In the case of a computer or laptop you can record the name of the staff member who the asset has been allocated to.

Supporting documents such as invoice, warranty, signed receipt of allocated asset etc can be uploaded & linked to the relevant asset.

The epic Asset Register can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet which makes manual verification & audits simple.

Key Functions
  • Create Asset Categories & add information pertaining to assets.
  • Add new assets and retire/scrap assets.
  • Upload invoices/support documents as proof.
  • Allocate an asset to an individual (to trace where the asset is) e.g. computer/laptop.
  • Print the Asset Report in excel – to check warranty dates, asset tracing & all records.
  • Add a photograph of each asset directly from your mobile (including embedded GPS co-ordinates)
  • Evaluate asset condition and level of utilisation and auto calculate estimation of useful life (EUL)
  • Produce reports (spreadsheets), per assessment period, configured to your requirements

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