Weekly Timesheets 


Staff are able to complete weekly timesheets that include both billable and non-billable items. Once complete, the timesheet is submitted for manager approval

Managers have a dashboard view of all their staff from which they can select, view and approve (or decline) weekly timesheets that have been submitted.

The Divisional Administrator can download a report of approved timesheets, and can export this to Excel for further processing
The excel spreadsheet has tabs for each staff member, each project (ie billable) and each non-billable item


Key Functions
  • Management of Billable & Non-Billable items
  • Billable items linked to Projects
  • Staff allocated to Projects
  • Weekly timesheet completion
  • Manager approval of timesheets
  • Manager line of sight of staff weekly timesheet status
  • Comprehensive timesheet report available with tabs per staff member, project & non-billable items

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