Weekly Timesheets 

ABC Suites (Pty) Ltd
The Challenge:
At his previous company Finance Director Robin Banks struggled to get staff to submit weekly Timesheets accurately and on time. The company did not have a formal timesheet system that was automated and instead used Excel spreadsheets that were emailed in as weekly timesheet ‘sub-missions’.

As a result of numerous errors and very poor compliance to timelines, accuracy of client invoicing as well as invoicing delays put the company at risk in terms of cash flow and reputation.
How ABC Suites uses epic:
Robin starting using the timesheet feature in epic and really enjoys the fact that it is
automated, paperless and there is immediate line of sight in terms of seeing where each
individual is in the time sheet submission and sign off process.

It is quick and easy for individuals to capture weekly timesheets as all the relevant information is clearly presented. All that is required is to capture the relevant hours for the week against the list of projects that they are currently working on as well as any non-billable items. Some staff elect to keep this updated on a daily basis while others capture their timesheet for the week on a Friday before submitting it for Manager approval.

Managers have view of a live dashboard of all their staff and can select, view and approve (or decline) based on what had been submitted. This also means that Managers can see the status of each of their staff and follow-up immediately should there be any delay in time sheet submission.

Of significant value is the company wide report (exportable to Excel) available to Robin (Finance Director) with tabs for each staff member, each project and each non-billable item. This makes Month end invoicing of clients simple and accurate and also provides meaningful data for further analysis in terms of where time is being spent

This feature would be relevant for any organization that has project work that needs to be billed, but also organisations who would need to keep a record of time allocation to various activities for record purposes
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