Leave Management 

ABC Suites (Pty) Ltd
A good leave management system increases employee satisfaction, supports your employee’s need for time off, and helps with scheduling and notifications to others on the team. It also helps ensure that your company policies are implemented in line with legal requirements.
The Challenge:
At his previous company, Gary Okey (Operations Manager) found it frustrating trying to keep track of leave (requests, balances, calendar etc.). He needed to rely on HR to send reports, and that took some time.

He didn’t feel in control as the information was only available from one department.
How ABC Suites uses epic:
Gary now has access to a simple automated leave system from requesting & approving leave to advanced features such as viewing leave balances.

Gary gets leave requests via email and can view & action these from the epic Mobile-App. He can immediately see how much leave the staff member has left and can also view of his team’s leave calendar for comparison.

Molly Coddle (HR) can download the consolidated leave report for the company that shows the full calendar as well as leave balances for each individual.
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