Manage Objectives (Strategy to Action) 

ABC Suites (Pty) Ltd
“Why do organizations fail? It's bad execution. As simple as that: not getting things done, being indecisive, not delivering on commitments”— Ram Charan
The Challenge:
At Candy Wrapper's previous company strategy seldom translated into action. Strategy packs tended to gather dust as everyone got busy with the urgent. The net result was a poorly communicated & poorly executed strategy.
How ABC Suites uses epic:
An important outcome of the epic strategic planning process is the allocation of a ‘Champion’ for each Strategic Objective.

Individual Action Plans (with deadlines), aligned to the Strategy, are then developed. Shared accountability is ensured through a live report that tracks progress

Strategic Objectives are Assigned and owners of these are required to update progress in epic (Percentage; RAG Status & Progress Statement). This all reflects on a high level Strategy Dashboard. (Strategic Objectives report)

Candy (CEO) has a monthly executive session where the live report is put up as the agenda – everyone gets just 4 minutes to present. The result is an intense focus on the Key Priorities in a supportive environment where individuals are encouraged to ‘Clear the Path’ for one another.

Candy has found that she is no longer having to drive accountability – a culture of ownership and mutual support drives results – and people are having fun in the process.
"Helping organisations get their people passionately focused on the priorities that really matter"