Participation Points Lucky Draw 

ABC Suites (Pty) Ltd
"Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible" – Francis of Assisi
The Challenge:
ABC Suites CEO, Candy Wrapper, could see a strong correlation between high performing staff and good use of epic (as measured by the Participation Points earned).

In her quest to develop a culture of accountability and execution across the team, she needed a process that would recognise and incentivise ALL staff to engage fully with the epic platform.
Recognition & Reward
Recognition & Reward
How ABC uses the epic Lucky Draw feature to Recognise & Reward
A competition based on the Participation Points is held quarterly with various prizes up for grabs. Participation Points translate into 'tickets' into the Lucky draw so that everyone is in with a chance of winning, although on the understanding that those staff who hold the most tickets have the biggest chance of winning prizes.

The dynamic, energetic (and competitive) team are motivated by this quarterly event and there has been a noticeable and measurable increase in epic usage which has in turn translated into greater productivity.
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