Weekly Commitments 

ABC Suites (Pty) Ltd
“Never let the urgent crowd out the important” – Kelly Catlin Walkere
The Challenge:
At Candy Wrapper's previous company, there was a reactive culture where everyone was ‘busy’ dealing with urgent matters that were not necessarily aligned with the most important priorities. The need to look busy all the time had become pretty much the culture!
How ABC Suites uses epic:
Candy and her team utilize the ‘Weekly Commitments’ process in epic.

The Urgent vs Important ‘Eisenhower Matrix’ is discussed & understood.

Everyone captures 3 - 5 Quadrant II (Important but Not Urgent) commitments each week. Because everyone can see what everyone else has committed to, team accountability is high (this is key!)

Some leaders have taken this process a step further and have a quick 10 minute team meeting each Friday to discuss the recorded progress for the week, set new commitments for next week & discuss how team members can 'clear the path' for each other.
Candy (CEO) has seen that by everyone actually doing the few Quadrant II items that they committed to doing each week execution has been taken to the next level!

She says that her team is truly ‘Living Above the Line’ now! (i.e. the Important vs Not Important line).
"Helping organisations get their people passionately focused on the priorities that really matter"