Training Needs Analysis 

ABC Suites (Pty) Ltd
“Growth responds to Structure whether organizational or personal. Build a structure for your life if you must grow” – Awolumate Samuel
The Challenge:
Molly Coddle (HR) needed a structured process that informed and engaged staff in taking responsibility for their own growth and development.

More specifically, she needed to establish a two way communication channel whereby staff were aware of what training opportunities were available plus a feedback loop for HR indicating the level of interest and number of requests for the various training & learning options on offer.
How ABC Suites uses epic:
Molly uses the TNA feature in epic to do exactly this.

A customised training form is developed with all the available training options under various headings (eg Instructor-led courses; Microsoft; Apprenticeships; On-line courses; Internal Coaching & Mentoring etc.).

This is made available to everyone; and can be linked to an appraisal period. An open ended ‘Other’ section is useful to gauge needs that fall outside of what is already on offer.

HR can view a report at any time to analyse the training needs and prepare & budget accordingly. This information can also be used to populate a Workplace Skills Plan.
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