Staff Card 

ABC Suites (Pty) Ltd
Access control systems can make life easier for your employees, save you money and keep your workplace secure.
The Challenge:
ABC has security guards at 3 different premises/access areas who are required to sign staff and visitors in and out using a printed form on a clipboard.

This manual, paper-based process wastes considerable time, is frustrating for staff, especially if they are in and out often, and the register still needs to get to the administration office every day and re-captured for record purposes.

While the security guards tend to be diligent to begin with, over time the commitment to the task slackens which results in a security risk.
How ABC Suites uses epic:
ABC have started using epic's "Staff Access Card" feature - Besides saving the forest, it is efficient, accurate and secure and saves enormous amount of time every day.

Each staff member is issued with a professional looking access card with their name, photograph, job title & department. The cards can be scanned at any of the company access points. This reflects on live dashboard and Managers have access to a full history of their staff.
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