Staff Directory 

ABC Suites (Pty) Ltd
One of the most important aspects of being a leader is knowing your employees or team members – Jon Loomer
Create a staff directory & generate an organogram of all epic users in your company at the click of a button.
The Challenge
Knowing everyone
Knowing everyone
As a rapidly growing organisation, with new staff being added monthly, ABC managers and staff were starting to lose touch. Previously, when the company was smaller, everybody knew everyone by name and this helped entrench a 'family culture'.

With the rapid growth it was becoming increasingly difficult to put a name to every face. New staff were also at a disadvantage as there was not only an overwhelming amount of information to absorb, but a lot of people to meet and memorise in terms of names & faces as well as position in the company.
How ABC uses epic
The staff records feature that links to the staff organogram and is easily available to all epic users, either from their computer or from their mobile phone using the epic App, proved an ideal solution to the problem.

Managers and staff can now quickly check up on who is who. The net result of this readily available & important information, is a greater feeling of 'Team'. When people are addressed with their name, whether it's by the CEO, Management, Colleagues and Staff, it creates a feeling of being valued.

Improved staff engagement scores as well as increased levels of staff satisfaction are proof that this seemingly simple feature in epic has had a big impact!
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