Strategic Initiatives

ABC Suites (Pty) Ltd
“The purpose of a team is not goal attainment but goal alignment” – Tom De Marco

The Challenge:

ABC Suites had developed an overly complex Excel Spreadsheet to track and view progress on Strategic Initiatives. Financial director, Robin Banks, found it very difficult to extract information from everyone on their progress and when the spreadsheet was circulated to the individuals concerned mistakes were made and it was difficult to ensure that each person was updating the correct spreadsheet.

What was needed was a simple, live Dashboard reflecting the status of all the Strategic Initiatives with a view of the detail sitting behind each.

How ABC Suites uses epic

Robin started using the epic Strategic Initiatives Dashboard to keep track of the progress on each initiative. He really likes the fact that he can ‘drill down’ from the top level view to see all Projects that are aligned to each SI reflecting their current status. Each project can be expanded to display the  Objectives and Actions, including the state of play (Progress,  RAG status and comments) for each one. The ability to allocated 'Tags' to Strategic Initiatives for search purposes adds significant value to the effectiveness of the dashboard feature.

Robin finds that he is no longer having to ‘chase’ people to get information. Because everyone is aware that their updates and progress reflect on the live dashboard and that this is reviewed at the monthly Executive meetings, everyone is motivated to not only ensure things get done, but also to report on their progress in epic so that it can be seen on the dashboard.

The goal alignment and clarity has made a big difference in terms focus and shared accountability, ultimately translating into breakthrough results.

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