Strategic Initiatives

This feature provides a cascading view from top level Strategic Initiatives all the way down to the specific actions (including progress) associated with the Objectives & Projects that are linked to each SI.

Administrators set up Strategic Initiatives and link Projects to these. Individuals link Objectives to the relevant Projects and these reflect on the Dashboard along with any Actions that are aligned to the Objectives. Any Progress update on Objectives and Actions is automatically pulled through and reflects on the Dashboard.

Project Managers can also update Project progress and this too reflects on the SI Dashboard.
The Dashboard can be viewed in various ways:
  • Expand all / Collapse all allows you to see a fully expanded view of everything
  • Tag icon will allow you to filter for specific items
  • Click on each project to expand one project at a time
  • Hover over the dotted RAG status blocks for quick Action progress comments

Key Functions
  • Each Strategic Initiative can be expanded to reflect underlying Projects.
  • 'Tags' can be used to assist with searches
  • Updates and progress from staff reflect in the live dashboard
  • Valuable for Management / Executive meetings

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