• A formal Performance Appraisal process is customised to specific organisational needs
  • Appraisal Periods are created by the Divisional Administrator
  • Individuals agree key deliverables (KPi's) with their Manager at the start of the appraisal period
  • Numeric (eg 1 to 5 rating scale) or Non numeric 'descriptors' (eg Exceeded Expectations) can be used
  • Job Profiles (generic role specific templates) can be created to define job or role specific KPI's, Weightings, Targets and Score Definitions
  • Balanced Scorecard Pillars and weightings can be incorporated
  • Monthly scoring is available and a running total is generated
  • Managers can view monthly progress
  • Self & Manager ratings, followed by a joint one-on-one final appraisal, completes the process and results can be exported to Excel. Individual reports are also generated
  • An 'Absolute' scoring option is now available for teams who's metrics are less subjective and as such require little in the way of debate or negotiation (popular in Sales and Production environments) 
  • Sign off uses the individuals password on the Manager's login
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