Periodic Timesheets 

ABC Suites (Pty) Ltd
The Challenge:
PAPERWORK! Tons of paper and time used on capturing each shift per staff member per cycle period, thereafter the sign-off when most employees do not work from the office seems money and time wasted; and there is the environmental impact - cutting down trees for all the paper.
How ABC Suites uses epic
Chris has started using the epic Periodic Timesheets which is aligned to the company goal of going environmentally friendly (saving paper!) and automating as many processes as possible at ABC Suites.

No more need to print tons of paper per staff per shift and waste petrol, time and money to travel and meet staff working offsite, to get written sign-offs.

Chris, having security staff reporting to him, will simply add times per staff member per shift and per month in epic (shifts periods automated). Staff receive an OTP (One Time Password) to sign off their agreement times for each period.

A report is generated and can be sent to HR/Payroll
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