The Epic Forum offers epic users Globally (and epic users in your Company only) a place where they can easily share & discuss business and industry related topics.
Forum Categories
Forum Categories
The General Forum is open to all Epic users while the Internal Forum is restricted to your Company users only and can be used to discuss share and post links to latest innovations etc specific to your industry

General Forum Categories include Strategy, Execution, Leadership & Management, Performance Management, Time Management, epic Specific Topics & a General Category
Forum DiscussionTo get the process going simply ‘Add Topic’, provide a name for the topic, and start posting. You can also paste images and use the hyperlink for articles.
Forum Discussion
Forum Discussion
Options to Post a Response or Add to Discussion are available.

You will be notified when someone responds to you and a flashing icon indicates a new post. You can also see how many people have read your post.

Key Functions
  • Add a topic & start the conversation
  • Paste images & use hyperlinks to articles
  • Post responses – you are notified if someone responds to your post
  • Internal and External forums available.

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