Strategy and Execution

The Epic process is founded on 4 Key Principles:(S.O.F.A.) 

1. Simplicity - Our experience has been that strategic planning processes are often constrained by complexity which constrains action planning and implementation. The epic process captures strategic plans on a single A4 page, encouraging all individuals to focus their activities and their behaviour in alignment with organisational Vision and Strategic Objectives.  

2. Ownership -  The simplicity of the process enables organizations to engage all employees in a cascade process and in doing so, to solicit comprehensive understanding and ownership of organizational strategy.   

 3. Flexibility - We recognize that strategic planning is an on-going organizational imperative. The process has the flexibility to encompass and accommodate existing strategic plans in a coherent methodology.

 4. Accountability -   A key variable of the epic process is the definition of strategically aligned Key Performance Indicators for all staff, driven by time-frame and measurement reviews.


  • The entire Strategic Plan is distilled down to a single page



  • The online epic solution supports a culture of shared accountability towards a common focus

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  • Depending on the specific needs and size of the organisation, it may be necessary to develop departmental / divisional strategic one-pagers aligned to the Company wide strategy
  • A drill down process aimed at communicating and engaging the remaining staff is vital, as is a process of regular team engagement to ensure that there is a culture of shared accountability and delivery.  

A final thought on the risks of not planning!

“The nicest thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise rather than being preceded by a period of worry and depression.”

   —Sir John Harvey-Jones


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